21 February 2012 - Short Message

#Bike tour through #Vienna under the motto 'Community #Gardening'; organised by the Architekturzentrum Wien

On 21 April 2012, the AZW (Architekturzentrum Wien) invites on occasion of the exhibition 'Hands-On Urbanism 1850 - 2012. Vom Recht auf Grün' (15 March - 25 June 2012) to the 'Gartentour' under the motto 'Community Gardening' and presents some examples of social group gardening in Vienna. The Gartentour is a bike tour (bring your own bike). Route locations are gardens in the Lobau and Aspern. It is announced that the group will stop for a 'GroßStadtGemüse' ('Metropolitan-City-Veg')-snack. Details on azw.at/event.php?event_id=1217&lang_id=en.

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