Democratic choreography of a fashion ballet-show

On 18 January 2012, denim label G-Star presented the new women's and men's wear fall/winter 2012/13 collection with a modern dance performance during Berlin Fashion Week.

The 12 minute fashion ballet-show for seven female and seven male dancers is choreographed by Conny Janssen. She has founded 1992 the Rotterdam (NL) based dance group 'Conny Janssen Danst' and is known as the Dutch ambassador of modern dance.

The G-Star fashion ballet-show is a re-choreography of Janssen's latest creation 'Zout' (means in Dutch 'salt'). Originally, 'Zout' is danced by seven men only who are accompanied by the 8th man co-composer and guitarist Anne Soldaat on stage. The dance performance is about existence, fear, order and chaos.

Conny Janssen: "I like the dynamics you get with a group of men, the direct way in which they communicate and the physical possibilities they offer me. This also gives me a certain freedom. I do not have to create pretty duets, so we can deal with different things."

fig. original: For the G-Star presentation - G-Star defines itself as a 'democratic label for everybody', Conny Janssen combined not only elements of modern dance and catwalk show; she has created some pretty duets for men and women.

Video: G-Star FW2012/13 at Bread & Butter (tradeshow for street fashion, sportive urban wear) on 18 January 2012 in Berlin.

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