30 March 2012 - Short Message

#Music tracklisting by Jerry Bouthier for Vivienne Westwood Gold Label #womenswear FW2012/13

Jerry Bouthier's tracklisting for the Vivienne Westwood Gold Label women's wear FW2012/13 presentation (3 March 2012 in Paris) is posted online. The music for the show - the collection is inspired by the 17th century and dedicated to the city of London, begins with Gonzales' piano version of 'Knight Moves'.

"The 17th century was a century of great change and drama, it was the age of the amateur and of the rugged individualist and adventurer; in this century the British forged its national identity, not only politically but commercially." writes Vivienne Westwood in the comment to the catwalk video and includes a tip for environmental friendly behaviour in London: " ... 'can London switch off the lights that are left on all night in empty buildings...".


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