7 March 2012 - Short Message

Kehinde Wiley's #portraits of men in #urbanwear in an exhibition about globalization, identity at the Jewish Museum #NewYork

From 9 March to 29 July 2012, US artist Kehinde Wiley's portraits of men from Israel are presented in the exhibition 'The World Stage: Israel' at the Jewish Museum in New York. Kehinde Wiley uses photography and painting: in the first step, the men, who are dressed in contemporary sportive urban wear, are photographed by the artist while their posing and/or decorations reference the history of the culture around. In a second step, Kehinde Wiley paints them in European (remembers Renaissance portrait) style.

'The World Stage' is a series (China, Africa, Brazil, India/Sri Lanka, Israel) and presented by the museum online with an interactive global map on thejewishmuseum.org. In 'The World Stage: Israel' Kehinde Wiley (born 1977 in Los Angeles; living in Beijing, Dakar, New York; winner of the 'USA 2010 Character Approved'-award) explores the global diaspora by following the biographies of men from various religions and ethnicities and displaying them with portraits painted on colorful, decorative backgrounds which are representing Jewish folk and ceremonial art. The exhibited paintings of Kehinde Wiley are accompanied by textiles and papercuts (selected by the artist himself) from the Jewish Museum's collection.

"Wiley scouted his subjects in discos, malls, bars, and sporting venues in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Lod. The men in this series—Ethiopian and native-born Jews and Arab Israelis—express a modern sensibility that supersedes religious and ethnic affiliations," publishes the Jewish Museum additional information about the exhibition of Kehinde Wiley thejewishmuseum.org/exhibitions/kehinde-wiley.

At the online exhibition of 'The World Stage: Israel', the artist presents also one woman (not with a painted portrait but a song): the musician (funk/hip-hop/rap) MC Shiri from Israel with 'I'm just me' from her album called 'Princess of the Microphone'.

Video: The video shows US painter Kehinde Wiley speaking about 'The World Stage'-series, a project that captures the cultures of young men around the world. The video introduces into Kehinde Wiley's work on the streets in Brooklyn/New York, Lagos/Africa, Mumbai/India,... where he is scouting for models, their outfits and shows him in the studio. In the series about 'power', the young men are dressed in Western fashion; only their posing references to the history of the culture around. From 9 March to 29 July 2012, 'The World Stage: Israel' by Kehinde Wiley is on view at the Jewish Museum in New York.


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