22 February 2012 - Short Message

#Movie 'The Mill and the Cross' after a painting by Pieter Bruegel premieres in #Austria in attendance of director Lech Majewski

The website themillandthecross.com provides background information and trailer of the movie 'The Mill and The Cross' by Polish director Lech Majewski. The film bases on the image 'The Way to Calvary' by Pieter Bruegel (the Elder) and the book of art critic Michael Francis Gibson (co-autor of the screenplay) and introduces to the painter's socio-critical view and the hidden story of his work.

fig. original: Rutger Hauer (in the role of Pieter Bruegel)

Charlotte Rampling, Rutger Hauer and Michael York appear in the main roles in historical (mid-16th century) costumes in a painterly set.

Bruegel "...had a gift for telling a hidden story to those who knew how to look for it." movies.nytimes.com.

The movie travels around the world and was already at festivals in Sundance (world premiere in January 2011), Moscow, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Bangalore, to name a few. Austrian premiere is on 29 February at the Filmcasino filmcasino.at/die_muehle_und_das_kreuz/index.htm in Vienna.

German text: Die Webseite themillandthecross.com liefert Hintergrundberichte und einen Trailer zum Film 'Die Mühle und das Kreuz' von Lech Majewski, der ausgehend vom Bild Pieter Bruegels (der Ältere) 'The Way to Calvary' und den Betrachtungen des Kunstkritikers Michael Francis Gibson (Co-Autor des Drehbuchs) die sozialkritische Perspektive des Malers und die versteckte Geschichte dahinter zeigt. In dem malerischen Set sind Charlotte Rampling, Rutger Hauer (als Bruegel) und Michael York zu sehen.
Bruegel "...had a gift for telling a hidden story to those who knew how to look for it." schreibt movies.nytimes.com.
Österreich-premiere in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs am 29. Februar im Filmcasino filmcasino.at/die_muehle_und_das_kreuz/index.htm.

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