The body and the ideal society

In March 2012, the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo) posted the 'Arist's Message'-video with an introduction by Lee Bul to the exhibition 'Lee Bul: From Me, Belongs to You Only' (on view until 27 May 2012).

Lee Bul (born 1964, living in Seoul, South Korea) is one of Asia's leading artists; she exhibited for example at the Fondation Cartier in Paris in 2007/8 and was one of the finalists of the Hugo Boss Prize 1998.

In the current exhibition at Mori Art Museum, Lee Bul's major works like extraterrestrial monsters with uncountable arms and legs made of fabrics with cotton filling and silicone, Cyborg sculptures which 'wear' sci-fi comic heroes alike body-armour, or crystal-glass-metal architecture alike installations such as 'After Bruno Taut (Beware the sweetness of things)' are presented in the four sections 'Ephemeral Presence', 'Beyond Human', 'Utopia and Dreamscape', and 'From Me, Belongs to You Only' .

The same categories or sections structure even the video (below): Lee Bul speaks about her motivations such as her experiences of unreasonable behaviour of society and the consequences on one's personal life, destiny and that no one can escape from it, her interest in architecture and that architecture influences humans' physical conditions, and the importance to share impressions with others.

"The subtitle "From Me, Belongs to You Only" is also a message from Lee: her attempt to find the 'something' for which she is constantly searching in a personal relationship with each individual viewer." The exhibition is accompanied by several events such as the lecture 'From Monsters to Goddesses: Lee Bul and Female Artists in the 21st Century' on 7 April or 'Reading Lee Bul's Art from the Perspective of Architecture' on 13 April.

Video: 'Artist's Message' on occasion of the exhibition 'Lee Bul: From Me, Belongs to You Only' from 4 February to 27 May 2012 at the Mori Art Museum (in association with the Korean Cultural Center) in Tokyo.

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