18 March 2012 - Short Message

Milan Department of Culture, #Fashion, #Design announces new works by 1970s #art pioneer Marina Abramović

The Milan Department of Culture, Fashion and Design announces the exhibition of new works by performance artist Marina Abramović (pioneered performance art in the 1970s by involving the spectator to become an actor) under the title 'The Abramović Method' from 21 March to 10 June 2012 at the PAC Contemporary Art Pavilion.

"In my experience, as developed in a career of over 40 years, I have arrived at the conclusion that the public plays a very important and indeed crucial role in performance," explains Marina Abramović her 'interactive installations' on theabramovicmethod.it. "The performance has no meaning without the public because, as Duchamp said, it is the public that completes the work of art. In the case of performance, I would say that public and performer are not only complementary but almost inseparable."

The image on the invitation to the exhibition at PAC in Milan shows Marina Abramović sitting on a chair which is elevated by discreet blocks so that it looks as if she hovers above the ground; her eyes are closed. Beneath her stands a smaller, less hovering, empty chair - ready that somebody takes the seat. The image from 2012 is called 'The Abramović Method: Chair for Man and His Spirit'.

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