4 January 2012 - Short Message

#Dance #costumes by #designer Issey Miyake at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Chicago

The MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Chicago announces the presentation of the new work 'GAGA-Gaku' by the dance company Armitage Gone! Dance with costumes by Issey Miyake: "The sculpted, origami-based costumes of Issey Miyake signal the evening's trans-cultural passage to GAGA-Gaku, a new work by Armitage made incandescent by her intense turns on Balinese dance, Noh theater, and the Japanese court music, gagaku." mcachicago.org.

'GAGA-Gaku' will be staged from 26 to 28 April 2012 alongside to dance company founder Karole Armitage's choreographies 'Three Theories' (2010) and 'Drastic-Classicism' (1981).

fig. original: 'Three Theories' by Armitage Gone! Dance. Photo: (C) Julieta Certvantes 2010.

Video: 'Three Theories' by Armitage Gone! Dance after the book 'The Elegant Universe' by physicist Brian Greene premiered in June 2010 at the World Science Festival in New York where the science (black holes, string theory, cosmology...) behind the development of the dance was discussed by experts.


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