11 March 2012 - Short Message

#Gender, glamour, desire, #fashion, pop culture are the themes of feminist body #artist Michelle Handelman

In her multichannel video project 'Irma Vep, the last breath' (video below), US multimedia artist Michelle Handelman presents two women in black fetish suits in a story about fiction and reality, an artist and her creation. The film refers to the French silent film actress Musidora and the role 'Irma Vep' Musidora played in the movie 'Les Vampires' (1915); actresses are Zackary Drucker and (mother) Flawless Sabrina (two queers). The video project is about social expectations, cultural evolution of gender, and identity.

The Vox Populi Gallery announces the screening of Michelle Handelman's video installation 'Dorian' and the live performance of drag legend Flawless Sabrina on 28 April 2012. More about the artist Michelle Handelman, actress Flawless Sabrina, the story (Dorian is a young woman who is discovered by a fashion photographer), and selected scenes from the 63 minute video installation 'Dorian, a cinematic perfume' on voxpopuligallery.org.

Video: 'Irma Vep, the last breath' by Michelle Handelman; details.


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