6 January 2012 - Short Message

'Disobedience Archive' - research/exhibition of the MIT Program in #Art, #Culture and #Technology about art, media and politics

"I am not stimulated by images, but by words or ideas," said artist Gianfranco Baruchello in a conversation with Umberto Eco about the experience of reality through our unconsciousness and refers to Sigmund Freud's 'Traumdeutung' (source of the citation: Bandini, M., "The plateau of uncertainty“, in: Gianfranco Baruchello,  Fabbri, Milano, 1992, pp. 21-23, ill.).

Now, material by the multi-disziplinary, Rome based artist (born 1924, experiments with language and other 'texts', produces cinematographical works and agricultural projects) is part of the research and exhibition project 'Disobedience, an Ongoing Video Archive Exhibit' of the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (open until 3 February 2012).

"Disobedience Archive brings together a series of practices and forms of self-representation whose practitioners are finding the key to their strength in an alliance of art and activism: a transformation in the languages that society produces as a political subject and as a media object." e-flux.com

Video: 'Notizie in due minuti' by Gianfranco Baruchello, 2008. Posted by Galerie Michael Janssen.


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