22 March 2012 - Short Message

Artist (#textiles, wood...) Ndidi Dike about production, locally sourced materials, visual #culture in Nigeria and global #consumerism

Artist Ndidi Dike presents until 26 March 2012 her mixed media (installations, paintings, works that base on textile traditions of the region) with focus on culture, the spaces between personal and political, and consumerism at the exhibition entitled 'Unknown Pleasures & Competing Tendencies' at the National Museum, Lagos (Nigeria).
"Exposing the parallels between process and materiality, she explores the possibilities of locally-sourced materials, forcing into question their bearings on Nigerian visual culture and their embeddedness within the logic of global consumerism." art-agenda.com

Sculptor Ndidi O. Dike is born in London and originally from Abia State (one of 37 states in Nigeria). The cultural activist (studied at the University of Nigeria) makes her installations from different materials - even textiles which she modifies by using the coloring method batik. On her website, Ndidi Dike publishes pictures of the 'Cloth Series' ndididike.com.

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