10 February 2012 - Short Message

Work by the Austrian #artist Norbert Brunner about the perception of reality at the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York

"Each of us has the capacity to change the world for the better, with new attitudes that integrate the principles of social responsibility and culture with a global outlook; we are a world looking for answers. We "Google" and "Tweet" and propagate a 24-hour news cycle all in an attempt to gather information to explain why and who we are. Norbert's works speaks directly to this quest,..." introduces the Claire Oliver Gallery (New York) into the upcoming exhibition of Norbert Brunner's installations-sculptures under the title 'Smiling Broadly' (16 February - 24 March 2012).

The works of the Austrian installations-objects artist Norbert Brunner reflect the perception of the people and make aware that it's up to the viewers how to interpret the messages from media and/or the 'real-life' around them. Norbert Brunner's pop-art inspired 'mirroring' sculpture-paintings are made of a mixture of materials like glass, crystals, Plexiglas, photographic prints... and the signature 'Norbert Brunner dots' (referring the pixels of computer and phone screens) which are arranged in layers. The layered dots give space for personal views that change with the perspectives of the exhibition visitor. Find out more about the artist and selected works such as 'You Are Influential' on claireoliver.com.

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