18 March 2012 - Short Message

Interactive exhibition space by Leigh-Ann Pahapill inspired by Austrian-German #stage, #costume #designer Caspar Neher

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum (Rollins College, Florida) presents currently Leigh-Ann Pahapill's installation 'Likewise, as technical experts, but not (at all) by way of culture'. The installation made of photos, videos... turns the exhibition-room into an interactive space-experience where the spectator becomes an actor who moves between art sculptures and the architecture of the room - in this space, art and architecture appear without boundaries. The artist incorporated institutional processes of the museum into her scenography.

The Canadian multimedia artist Leigh-Ann Pahapill was therefore inspired by Austrian-German stage and costume designer Caspar Neher (1897 Germany - 1962 Austria) who is known from his work for Bertolt Brecht's theatre productions, especially 'The Threepenny Opera' in the 1920s. Bertolt Brecht realized with Caspar Neher the vision to enable the spectator to understand the (socio-critical) information of his theatre pieces rather than to be entertained only. Turning the spectator into an active, educated, and emancipated member of society requires consciousness of the sources of information and how and who makes us 'knowing'.

"The artist asks us to reflect upon the degree to which predetermined ideas, concepts, and ways of framing are already embedded in acts of looking." artandeducation.net

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