Street photographers and new boots

fig. original: On 8 March 2012, the French boot label Palladium released the third short movie from the urban fashion film series 'Streets in Focus'. In the role of the city guide, Sao Paolo based street photographer Manuela Costa Lima who wears on her feet a model from the new 'Blanc'-collection by Palladium.

The series is published on the Palladium website: the first movie follows New York native Awol Erizku into the South Bronx, the second film is about fashion, art, music trend scouting Josh Gordon (London).

Video: Sao Paolo based Manuela Costa Lima wears red shoes with white sole from the new Palladium 'Blanc'-collection and navigates the viewer through the city by using public train and her feet.

Manuela Costa Lima, who studies architecture/urbanism, leads into abandoned houses, provides 'non-postcards'-views of the city, and explains in the accompanying interview why she began to portrait people: "We can see a lot from the city in that. There are also the stories behind them - I generally try to shoot some mysterious scenes,..."

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