Bikebreaking the motto of the Austrian fashion and sporting goods retailer 'Sports Experts' in March 2012. Sports Experts pays breaking prices up to 300 Euros for old bike hardware. The sporting goods retailer advices to invest the money into 'Twenty-Niners', new mountain bikes with extra large wheels. The bikebreaking starts on 15th March and runs 18 days long in Austria countrywide at Sports Experts.

fig. original: BMX–Pro Senad Grosic in action. He flies on his bike over a container with old bikes. Photo: Johannes Adensamer; (C) JA Fotodesign / Sports Experts.

Video 'Stunning BMX session - Red Bull - Senad Grosic Tour of the fortresses': The video portrait of Senad Grosic was filmed in summer 2009 on four fortresses in Bosnia Herzegovina (Poćitelj, Travnik, Tešanj, Srebrenik).

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