15 January 2012 - Short Message

#Music #art #sport: experimental-electro band 'Pretty Good Dance Moves' at the exhibition 'The Sports Show'

On 16 February, the Chicago natives, Brooklyn based 'Pretty Good Dance Moves' will perform on occasion of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts exhibition 'The Sports Show'. 'The Sports Show' is about imagery of sport in media (television, video, and digital technology) and how it changed the public view on leisure activity. The development of the culture of sport with the roles 'athletes' like Joe DiMaggio or Muhammad Ali and 'fans' and the political impact of sports will be presented with photos, installations, videos....

The images "...communicate a broader social, political and cultural significance through the mass spectacle that we know as sports." publishes the Minneapolis Institute of Arts about 'The Sports Show' (19 February - 13 May 2012).

Listen to the track 'I Wonder Why' which is the '8th Movement' of the 32 minutes album 'Limo' (release 7 February 2012) by the 'Pretty Good Dance Moves' featuring the vocals of the 'Brazilian Girls' singer Sabina Sciubba. Extramusicnew knows details about the Brooklyn/Paris production of the album that "crosses electro-experimental-ambient and disco boundaries..."

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