24 January 2012 - Short Message

#Music #video 'Distress' by the Austrian band Stereoface

...shows the Graz based four members and friends of the psychedelic punk rock group in various costumes - from a business suit over a cardinal's costume, to bunny suit and other fantasy outfits, flying in front of the static camera. The single 'Distress' is from the new 13 tracks album 'Face It', produced by Clive Martin (David Byrne, The Cure...), released on 20 January 2012.

In the new video 'I Don't Mean It', the band's instruments become 'alive'. The stop-motion music video is inspired by the artwork by Czech film maker Jan Švankmajer. Watch it on stereofacemusic.com.

Video: 'Distress' by Stereoface from the album 'Face It' (Jan 2012). Motion picture by Stefan Pfleger & Stereoface.


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