10 January 2012 - Short Message

#Music #video 'On A Certain Night' by the UK band The Miserable Rich

...is not the latest video which is posted on the band's Facebook site - but it's a nice, spooky story with pictures which show different men whose spirits seem to materialize in one body and with music that is spiced with sexy tones. For the production of the new album 'Miss You in The Days' with songs about sex, death, and ghost stories, The Miserable Rich moved into the old English house 'Blickling Hall' where the restless soul of Anne Boleyn is frequently seen. The 2nd wife of Henry VIII of England had been wrongly accused to betray her husband and the country and had to die for making place for a new wife on Henry's side.

"All sex and death, this one. I had been thinking about possession, and how it can be something supernatural, or something primal, bodily, sexual. I’d been thinking of how, if you hear moaning at night in a spooky old house, it might seem like one thing, but in a hotel room, something very other – and wanted to write something slipping and sliding between the two." describes singer James de Malplaquet the new album 'Miss You in The Days' and introduces with a video to the old house.

The latest music video (posted in Dec) is made of footage of social revolutions worldwide in 2011 with The Miserable Rich's song 'Ringing the Changes'.

The band is on tour: from 18 January on through Germany, 24 Jan Prague/Czech, on 25 Jan they arrive in Austria (Vienna, Graz,...)... more on themiserablerich.com.

Video: 'On A Certain Night' by The Miserable Rich

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