Sunglasses for motor biking and for walking in an interactive split-film

In early April 2013, Giorgio Armani presented the new Giorgio Armani 'Frames of Life' eyewear campaign with photos and short films which give insights into the lifestyle of today's urban living.

The filmic story is located somewhere in an Italian city; the main video (below) starts with Carlos on his bicycle on the rain-wet streets. Each of the characters of the interactive, splitted viewable short films - Carlos, Luc, the lovers Lucille & Adrian (first image on this page) and Nina (second image), is associated with a distinctive eyewear model from Giorgio Armani's new collection.

fig. original: 'The Lovers' Lucille & Adrian - both are architects, are two of the characters of the new eyewear campaign 'Frames of Life' by Giorgio Armani, unveiled in early April 2013.

fig. original: Musician Nina, she plays cello, is presented in Giorgio Armani's campaign split-films on with optical glasses as well as sunglasses. The interactive campaign was launched in early April 2013.

Architect Adrian wears on his motorbike glasses with metallic temple in the middle of the frame. The materials for the retro styled glasses are derived from new technological research. While Adrian's eyewear provides all-around visibility, cello player Nina's glasses are very probable not preferred by bikers but by the ones who like walking in nature such as in spacious city gardens, at beaches or mountains where streets don't have to be overviewed and where the sun can throw rays without limitation. Nina wears round sunglasses that are made of acetate frames in mussel or tortoise shell alike pattern (named by Giorgio Armani 'speckled havana') and black nappa leather sun-protection on the sides.

fig. original: Adrian's sunglasses in the interactive split-film campaign and on the photo above. AR8007 - Giorgio Armani, Spring/Summer 2013. Photo: (C) Franco Pizzochero.

fig. original: Nina's round sunglasses with leather sun-protection on the sides. AR8017RZ - Giorgio Armani, Spring/Summer 2013. Photo: (C) Franco Pizzochero.

Video: The main video of Giorgio Armani's 'Frames of Life' interactive split-film introduces into the characters of the campaign (launched in April 2013). On the website, Carlos, Luc, Nina, and the lovers Lucille & Adrian are presented with their eyewear styles and impressions of urban living in own short films.

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