ByeBye to corruptos, chorizos and warm beer

...are wishes that can be found on the map of the 'ByeBye Suela' project by shoe label Art. The people's ideas of persons, things like high heels or smartphones, and other life accompanying circumstances (such as corruption) they want to get rid of are printed by Art on toilet roles which will be exhibited on fairs worldwide.

The online Art gallery exhibits the 'ByeBye' entries for toilet paper prints from the whole world. The one with the most 'Likes' will win shoes! On 11 March 2013 at 13.30, more than 400 entries were counted on the website of the project by the Spanish shoe label Art.

fig. original: Screenshot of Fashionoffice tested the printer - and it really works in real time and prints the 'ByeBye'-wish on paper!

fig. original: 'Dance' ballerina in corn-yellow, 'Move' ankle boot in taupe-grey; Art SS2013.

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