Swimwear and the motto "I am how I am"

...seen in January 2013 at Calida's Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook and brand promise campaign.

Calida publishes the label's view on today's self-consciousness of women with the campaign 'Naturally Me' which presents women in various daily situations together with life mottos such as "I can't please everyone. Mostly not even myself." (website) or insights how to find an easier approach to satisfied living such as a cooking scene with the statement "My mum taught me to cook. She can't do it either." (video below).

The presentation of the collection pieces follows the 'brand promise' about life decisions which surprise or break up old norms such as the image of a surfer on the sand in a jumpsuit; the picture stands for zest for life.

fig. original: Beach cover-up jumpsuit 'Vittoria', Calida SS2013.

Video: Calida's brand promise "Naturally me means...I am how I am." (Concept & Art Direction: Calida with EuroRSCG Zurich, directed by Anne Menke, Embassy of Dreams - Production, Redwood - Music)

Source: Original article with image and video on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2013/calida1-2013.htm.

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