Sun protection!

In early April 2013, the Austrian headwear label Capo sent information about UV-sun protection activities in South-East Africa. On occasion of 'Albinism Awareness Day' in Blantyre (Republic Malawi) last month, Capo handed out 600 hats and caps enhanced with additional UV-protection to people with melanin production defect. People with less melanin are more endangered to get skin cancer than the ones with more skin pigments. But in general, everybody - the ones with darker or lighter color, can get skin cancer.

fig. original: The image shows a child with red sun-protection hat donated by the Austrian label Capo on occasion of a charity in South-East Africa in March 2013. Beside sits a woman who wears a t-shirt with the motto of 'Albinism Awareness Day' in Blantyre, Malawi: "Different colour. One people."

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