Honda designed a scooter with the name 'Mode' for fashionable urbanists

On 3 September 2013, Honda presented the new scooter model 'Mode' with the description "high-fashion scooter big on style and easy-to-use manners". This sounds like a perfect vehicle for metropolitan city bikers who want ride without becoming necessarily a mechanic! The scooter in chic design with the indicative name 'Mode' is from Honda's upcoming SH scooter family 2014.

fig. original: Honda SH Mode 125 in 'Fabulous Pink' (other colors are 'Pearl Jasmine White' and 'Poseidon Black Metallic'), comes into bike stores in October 2013 in Austria. Photo: (C) ZepGori.

The SH series started in 1984 and receives much attention online - by media and users who tested the scooters. The SH 125 scooters belong to the best selling in Europe as they have some advantages. One of them are bigger scooter wheels - the SH Mode 125 has a 16-inch front wheel which makes the motorbike more comfortable on uneven streets, and the 'Mode' is wallet friendly (the bike costs around 3.000 Euros and needs 5.5 litre fuel tank for ca 275km). Other advantages of the new SH Mode 125 are the low seat height and the less noisy engine which is caused by the sound absorbing glass wool inside the chassis.

In Austria, the Honda SH Mode 125 will come in October 2013 to the market; from October until 31 December 2013 for the special price of 2,690.- Euros (normal price 3,190.- Euros).

fig. original: Honda SH Mode 125 in pink with brown seat, in bike stores in October 2013 in Austria. Photo: (C) Quality Lab srl.

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