31 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'Side of the Road' by Big Black Delta, from self-titled debut album (30 April, Masters of Bates)

31 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'Soothe My Soul' by Depeche Mode, album 'Delta Machine' (released on 22 March)

31 Mar 2013 - Trendletter by #Fashionoffice April 2013 - I: Mother's Day Ideas; Hint for Breakfast; Earth Month;...

31 Mar 2013 - #Easter walk; #Vienna Insight by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

31 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Shhh! It's Quiet Time' by Touché from the debut LP 'It's Fate' (1 May)

30 Mar 2013 - Healthy #breakfast tip by #belVita with honey, nuts, chocolate and fruits

30 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Steppin' Out' by AM & Shawn Lee, album 'La Musique Numérique' (French for 'Digital Music'), 7 May, Park The Van Records

30 Mar 2013 - #Music Fashionoffice's favorite track on Avan Lava's 'Flex Fantasy' EP: 'It's Never Over'

29 Mar 2013 - Symposium 'Godfull: Shape Shifting God as Queer' at Institute for #Art, #Religion and Social #Justice; 12 April, New York

29 Mar 2013 - #Fashion making-of video by Bergdorf Goodman from the Elle shooting (issue April), #music Avan Lava 'Tear It Down'

29 Mar 2013 - Stubborn Heart's 'Do Tomorrow' #music lyrics are about "an idea or a dream, it's about not giving up."

29 Mar 2013 - Fly bird, fly! #Fashion #shooting in nature surrounding

29 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Wings (Wildcat! Wildcat! Remix)' by Haerts premieres on Life + Times

28 Mar 2013 - Fashion Moviement Project by New York Fashion Film Festival / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, 29 Mar-2 Apr

28 Mar 2013 - The messages on #design #washhandbasin stoppers by #Plopp

28 Mar 2013 - #Movie trailer 'The Wolverine' with Hugh Jackman (release in July 2013)

28 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'Does It' feat. Francesca Belmonte from Tricky's new album 'False Idols' (27/28 May on False Idols / !K7 Records)

27 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Caught By Surprise' by The Postelles, album 'And It Shook Me' (23 April)

27 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Dead In Your Head' by punk girl band Bleached, album 'Ride Your Heart' (2 April on Dead Oceans)

27 Mar 2013 - Experimental pop #music 'She Moves' by Brainstorm (recently released via Tender Loving Empire)

27 Mar 2013 - #Musician Santigold as Mother Earth alike creature, lost in polluted atmosphere in #art video by Wangechi Mutu

27 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Eleven - about lifetime experiences and #EarthMonth; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

26 Mar 2013 - #Music video (about people who are jealous of a happy couple and have their fantasies about Lily Cole?) 'Sacrilege' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, album 'Mosquito' (mid-April)

26 Mar 2013 - #Documentary alike #music video about Indian stunt riders; track 'Wor' by Django Django

26 Mar 2013 - Trendletter by #Fashionoffice March 2013 - V: Beach Inspirations; Partywear; Sit In Series;...

26 Mar 2013 - #Trailer 'Scary #Movie 5', parodies 'Black Swan', 'Mama', 'Inception'... (release starts in April)

26 Mar 2013 - Fashionoffice's favorite #partywear pieces (#womenswear, #menswear)

25 Mar 2013 - #Artist Cristina Lucas (works on visual language of power codes and women) part of new platform #OralMemories

25 Mar 2013 - Fashionoffice listens currently #music: Caveman's new self-titled album (2 Apr, Fat Possum Records)

25 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'Duet' by Everything Everything, from the new album 'Arc'

25 Mar 2013 - "Women's shampoo isn't made for you." Dove Men + Care is.

25 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Ten - about learning #languages and kids' #literature; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

24 Mar 2013 - #Music video for Aluna George's new single 'Attracting Flies', directed by Emil Nava

24 Mar 2013 - #Art video by Erika Tan about #culture symbols, 'The Chinese Chippendales' from the 'Sensing Obscurity'-series

24 Mar 2013 - #Bikinis, #beachtowel with motifs from the #movie 'Spring Breakers' (collection is online since 22 Mar)

24 Mar 2013 - #Music Caveman's Matthew Iwanusa sings "Where's the time to waste on someone else's life?" on 'Where's The Time', self-titled album (2 Apr, Fat Possum)

23 Mar 2013 - #Music video directed by Naïla Guiguet and Stéphane Haiun for 'Silver Bed' by Red Axes (EP out now on I'm a Cliché)

23 Mar 2013 - #Kiteboarder Youri Zoon, #triathlete Josef Ajram, #freediver Guillaume Néry are Biotherm's faces 2013

23 Mar 2013 - #Music 'It Doesn't Matter To Him' by John Grant, album 'Pale Green Ghosts' (May, Partisan Records; tour in April NL, DE, IT, CH)

23 Mar 2013 - #Music title track 'Indigo Meadow' from the new album by The Black Angels (2 Apr, Blue Horizon Ventures)

22 Mar 2013 - 'So Much Music' by Liam Hayes; soundtrack 'A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III' (released 19 Mar)

22 Mar 2013 - Linda Bellos about #keyword 'Equality' (28 Mar); #exhibition 'Keywords: a vocabulary of culture and society' Iniva/Tate Liverpool, #London

22 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Nine - about #women and #technology; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

21 Mar 2013 - Popular Content, Clickrates, Viral Lifts on #Fashionoffice (last 7 days - 21 Mar 2013; AddThis, FeedBurner, Adsense)

21 Mar 2013 - Flat #shoes, flip-flops and wedges by #Crocs inspired by Mexican #sandal huarache

21 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Para (Radio Edit)' from the 'Para' remix EP (collaboration between Moby and The Loops Of Fury; 18 Mar, Lotus Recordings)

21 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Gravediggress' by CocoRosie, album 'Tales of a GrassWidow' (27 May, City Slang; tour 24 May Berlin, 25 May Hamburg...)

21 Mar 2013 - #Music download MP3 Pony Boy's 'Greatest Unknown' on Nylon "it's like a trip ... to Twin Peaks..."

20 Mar 2013 - Dance-pop #music 'Broken Record' by Little Boots, album 'Nocturnes' (early May, On Repeat Records; tour in May in US)

20 Mar 2013 - #Runway video FW13 from Global #Kids #Fashion Week, London (designer brands Paul Smith, Chloé, Marc Jacobs...)

20 Mar 2013 - #Movie trailer 'The Company You Keep' directed by Robert Redford (release on 5 Apr US; EU, Australia, Brazil...)

20 Mar 2013 - Trendletter by #Fashionoffice March 2013 - IV: Motor Sport & Cycling; Music & Movies; Language & Identity;...

20 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Eight - about dropping pants; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

19 Mar 2013 - Vera Wang's bejeweled #perfume flacon

19 Mar 2013 - Fashionoffice listens currently #music: new album 'Comedown Machine' by The Strokes (25 March via RCA Records)

18 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Seven - about High Jewellery from Vienna; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

18 Mar 2013 - #Computer networks, #art, #language and identity; exhibition 'His Master's Voice: On Voice and Language' at the HMKV, Dortmunder U

18 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'I Love You' by Woodkid; new album 'The Golden Age' is out now

17 Mar 2013 - #Fashionoffice article about Beats Antique's music and stage performances most viewed in February (measured by Google Analytics)

16 Mar 2013 - Conference 'Gender Play' about the impact of politics, culture of gender on art, design; Parsons The New School for Design (28-29 Mar)

16 Mar 2013 - The world offers many opportunities - why not take all of them! Seen at #Oakley campaign with #F1 driver Fernando Alonso

16 Mar 2013 - Guggenheim Bilbao's website introduces with stories and timeline of political, cultural events into art during 1938−1947

15 Mar 2013 - #Music by Hannes Rasmus 'Wir sind hier nicht in Detroit, Dirk' (EP 'Analog ist besser', April via Notown)

15 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Six - about music and the culture of protest; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

15 Mar 2013 - Global Kids Fashion Week (on 19 Mar AW13 trends, on 20 Mar SS13 season, London): Chloé, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Tommy Hilfiger...

14 Mar 2013 - Street artist Aiko (her 'Lady' is on view on Louis Vuitton scarves SS13) about Japanese tattoo culture

14 Mar 2013 - The plans of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London: cycle training in schools, safe cycling routes...

14 Mar 2013 - It looks easy when artist Lisa Butler makes smokey eyes...

14 Mar 2013 - Girls' Boyfriend Style; #jeans SS2013 seen at Levi's

14 Mar 2013 - "'Kate Boy' was-- a singer? A producer? A band?" explores Lindsay Zoladz the name of the Swedish band

13 Mar 2013 - Trendletter by #Fashionoffice March 2013 - III: Swimwear Style; Call For Surfers; Interactive Shoe Project;...

13 Mar 2013 - Carlsberg asks onliners to think about how far they would you go for a friend

13 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'Victory' by Dear Reader (aka Cherilyn Macneil), album 'Rivonia' (8 Apr, City Slang; tour in May in DE, AT, CH...)

13 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Five - about Viennese Interior; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

12 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Waves [ft. Roses Gabor]' by Branko, from the mixtape 'Drums, Slums and Hums' (2 April)

12 Mar 2013 - #Bags for summer and #sandals for the beach at #Deichmann

12 Mar 2013 - #Music live performance 'Stabat Mater' by Woodkid, album 'The Golden Age' (release 18 Mar; on tour NL, IT, DE, AT...)

11 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Four - about big emotions; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

11 Mar 2013 - ByeBye to corruptos, chorizos and warm beer; wishes at the interactive project by #shoe brand Art

11 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Never Wanted Your Love' by She and Him, album 'Volume 3' (7 May, Merge Records)

10 Mar 2013 - Tecla about her #music video 'Fake Tears' "The styling represents the Afro-Caribbean style of the 1950s with a modern-day flair."

10 Mar 2013 - Stone Island #menswear SS2013, #music 'Coffin Train' by Juju and Jordash from 'Unleash the Golem Part 2' (Feb, Golf Channel Recordings)

10 Mar 2013 - Call by #Jeep and #Quiksilver for #surf travelers who are interested in digital stories, music, cooking, nature...

10 Mar 2013 - Fashionoffice listens currently champagne electro #music 'Ecotone' by RIKSLYD (project by Diis Paradiis; releases on Tsunami Addiction)

10 Mar 2013 - 'Let the trip begin!' - #fashion label #Skiny invites to the exploration of South Africa's nature

10 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'Amisexy' by RIKSLYD, clothes by cashmere label Eric Bompard in Parisian chic #streetwear style

9 Mar 2013 - Live #music 'Children of the Sun' by Dead Can Dance (in April at Coachella festival, from May through summer in EU)

9 Mar 2013 - #Music #art collaboration between Santigold and Wangechi Mutu on occasion of 'A Fantastic Journey', starts 21 Mar at Nasher Museum/Duke University

8 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'A Tooth For An Eye' by The Knife about being a girl, maleness, power (album 'Shaking The Habitual', 8/9 April)

8 Mar 2013 - Trendletter by #Fashionoffice March 2013 - II: Sit In Series from Vienna; Shoe Design inspired by Motor Sport;...

8 Mar 2013 - Sit In Series: Day Three - about Jewish wit and International Women's Day; by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

7 Mar 2013 - Click-friendliest countries on ads on #Fashionoffice: Italy (CTR 46.42%), Spain (24.64%), United States (24.11%)

7 Mar 2013 - #Music premiere 'Fly Me To The Moon' (Astrud Gilberto Cover) by Radiation City (on tour: California, Austin's SXSW...)

7 Mar 2013 - #Music Free Download! 'Girls' (feat. Fat Tony and feminist pop musician JD Samson) by French Horn Rebellion

6 Mar 2013 - Day Two - Sit In Series Log by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

6 Mar 2013 - #BBCRadio correspondent Chris Stark's interview with Mila Kunis about the #movie 'Oz'

6 Mar 2013 - #Documentary by #F1 driver Mark Webber about race wear

6 Mar 2013 - Fashionffice #music tip: 'Walk On Water' by Hollis Brown, debut LP 'Ride On The Train' (5 Mar, Alive Records)

5 Mar 2013 - "The recording of 'À tout à l'heure' started out in my garden..." Bibio's album 'Silver Wilkinson' (14 May, Warp Records)

5 Mar 2013 - #Shoe design inspired by #Formula1; Geox and Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team

5 Mar 2013 - 12,000,315 views tracked for #music video 'Schau nicht mehr zurück' by Xavas (Xavier Naidoo and Kool Savas)

5 Mar 2013 - #Swimwear motto 'Vamos para Copacabana'; Bruno Banani SS2013

5 Mar 2013 - The differences at online #shoe #shops for girls and boys

5 Mar 2013 - Animated #music video 'Fight For Everyone' by The Leisure Society, album 'Alone Aboard The Ark' (April, Full Time Hobby)

4 Mar 2013 - Day One - Sit In Series Log by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

4 Mar 2013 - How to translate the motto 'flachgelegt' for new chocolate?

4 Mar 2013 - #Photographer Ty Morin portraits his #Facebook friends in old-fashioned way

3 Mar 2013 - McNeal's 'Travel Story' under the motto 'Capri Cruising' with impressions from the Mediterranean Sea

3 Mar 2013 - #FashionAvigator search in #Fashionoffice and magazine archives since 1996

2 Mar 2013 - #Documentary 'We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists' provides insights into internet history

2 Mar 2013 - #Music 'Nip It In The Bud' by China Rats (gigs in London - 8 Mar, Austin's SXSW...)

2 Mar 2013 - 'Life by Media' competition: future of media, its (shared) information and the influence on life(style) (apply until 15 March)

2 Mar 2013 - Trendletter by #Fashionoffice March 2013 - I: What Shapes The Body?; Holistic Beauty Concept;...

1 Mar 2013 - #Music Fashionoffice listens currently the sunny sound of Millionyoung's album 'Variable' (released on Old Flame Records)

1 Mar 2013 - How to treat #swimwear? Care tips by #AquaSphere

1 Mar 2013 - #Music video 'Sleepwalker' by Moon Duo with invitation to shape up with work-out guru (Moon Duo is on tour in Australia, China...)

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