Age spot or dangerous melanoma?

Currently (7 August 2013), the sun heats the air in Vienna! The temperature is rising and the next days will get even hotter. The measured almost 40° Celsius are breaking the climate statistic records from the last years. Many Viennese people try to find their refreshment at swimming pools - one of the most dangerous places for the skin.

Just in time with the hottest and sunniest days of the year, the esthetical Medical Center Juvenis Vienna (co-founded by Prof. Dr. Tamara Kopp - on the photo, left) sent information about age spots and melanomas; last mentioned could be signs for skin cancer. Both - age spots and melanomas, appear as mutations of the skin (darker blemishes) and both are caused by too much sun. Against age spots, the esthetical center has some medical tricks such as 'Photorejuvenation' which reduces irregularities of skin pigmentation. Against skin cancer, the Juvenis medics recommend sun protection and the regular check of mutations (dark spots, melanomas) at professional skin screenings.

fig. original: Prof. Dr. Tamara Kopp with patient in front of the skin screening computer at the Medical Center Juvenis in Vienna. Photo: (C) Stefanie Starz/

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