Textile technology for urban rider outfits

...seen in July at the current Fall/Winter 2013 'Commuter' collection by Levi's. The men's items are designed (material and cut) especially for cycling.

One central aspect of the line is the material. The fabrics are selected after their ability to protect the rider through changing weather. The textiles resist the climate (such as rain) while the body is covered in a quasi advanced climate-zone which is provided by the construction of the woven yarns.

fig. original: Trucker jacket in forest green with dark blue hood which can be stored in the collar. He wears Levi's 511 in beach-beige (Levi's calls the color 'Hampton Bay'). The trousers are made of stretch for better mobility. The performance fabric is equipped with water repellant and antimicrobial technology. Seen at Levi's Commuter FW13 collection in July.

fig. original: Levi's Commuter parka in 'proto green' is made of performance stretch denim with thermo-regulating technology: in cold weather the membrane contracts, in warm weather, the membrane opens for breathability and cooling. Seen at Levi's Commuter FW13 collection in July.

Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2013/levis7-2013.htm.

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