24 January 2013 - Short Message

#Music 'Fantasy' by #MSMR from the debut album 'Second Hand Rapture' (14 May, #ColumbiaRecords)

Last year, New York-based MS MR (Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow) revealed the four tracks of their debut EP 'Candy Bar Creep Show' (released on 14 September 2012, Creep City Records) on msmrmusic.tumblr.com, where the tracks were accompanied by videos, art works and remixes by Twin Shadow, Tom Vek, Chet Faker and Charli XCX. Wired.com reported in the article 'They Did It for the Reblogs' about the art/music online experiment by MS MR.

Today, the duo MS MR shares the first single 'Fantasy' of their debut album 'Second Hand Rapture' which will come out on 14 May 2013 on Columbia Records. The song is about the revolutionary power of fantasy and the relativity of subjectively experienced reality - but this is only one possible interpretation of the lyrics of 'Fantasy'. Listen yourself!


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