Traveller of leisure one of the themes of Pierre Cardin's Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection which consists of itmes such as the blue techno-cotton sportswear jacket with polo shirt in fruity red-orange and mint-green colored jeans (image right).

The 'Traveller of Leisure' pieces are created from colors which evoke the visual impression of a fresh breeze from the sea. The colors range from various blues - Pierre Cardin calls them 'Surfer' or 'Brazil', red-oranges like 'Peach', 'Sunrise' and 'Red' to yellow-green nuances like 'Lemon', 'Mojito' and 'Tropic'.

Other collection themes are inspired by 'Tropical Garden' (aqua and greens), 'French Heritage' (blue, white, red), and 'Urban Dress Code' (reduced colors from beiges and marine).

fig. original: Menswear Spring/Summer 2013, Pierre Cardin.

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