12 February 2013 - Short Message

#Music #dance performance by electronic group Rhythm Monks inspired by archaic rituals (at Drom, NYC, 23 Feb)

On 23 February 2013, the Berlin-based electronic, theatrical oriented (watch video below) group Rhythm Monks will perform for the first time live in a club in NYC. The band announces its appearance together with a DJ Set by DFA's Shit Robot at the club 'Drom'. On Drom's website, the Rhythm Monks - they are all wearing masks on the stage, are described as "...technicians of ecstacy. Modern Shamans. Mystics." The Rhythm Monks use the drum as a medium for the connection between the archaic rituals of rhythm and dance.

Video: 'Candomblé' by Rhythm Monks. The word 'Candomblé' refers a religion which originates from Africa and means 'dance in honour of the gods' such as the band explains on YouTube: "It has also incorporated some aspects of the catholic faith over time. Enslaved Africans brought their beliefs with them when they were shipped to Brazil during the slave trade. ..."


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