Easy recipe for the figure and body's vitality

In August 2013, Braun Household provided some recipes for the 'MultiGourmet F20' food steamer (image).

Fashionoffice selected one of them after the criteria:
>easy preparation (also for the ones who never want become experienced cooks),
>healthy ingredients (fresh fruits and vegetables) and
>positive effects for the figure.

By steaming the ingredients, the minerals, vitamins and colors of the food are better preserved than on the cooker.

Fruit Vegetable Salad with Mayonnaise (original recipe in German below)

• cauliflower
• green beans
• fresh pineapple
• oranges
• mayonnaise
• sour cream
• a pinch of salt

Chop cauliflower into florets
Cut the green beans small and the pineapple into cubes
Peel the oranges, split them and cut them into small pieces.
Add mayonnaise, sour cream and taste it with salt. Stir all ingredients in a large bowl!

Cooking in the steamer:
Put the vegetables into the steamer; after about 20 minutes they are ready; let them cool.


Braun's original recipe in German: Obst Gemüse Salat mit Mayonnaise

• Karfiol
• Fisolen
• Frische Ananas
• Orangen
• Mayonnaise
• Sauerrahm
• eine Brise Salz

Karfiol in Röschen zerkleinern; Fisolen klein schneiden; Frische Ananas in Würfel
schneiden. Orangen schälen, spalten und klein schneiden. Mit Mayonnaise, Rahm
und Salz abschmecken. Alle Zutaten in einer großen Schüssel vermengen!

Garzeit im Dampfgarer:
Das Gemüse im Dampfgareinsatz ca. 20 Minuten garen und danach auskühlen lassen.

Source: Original article with image on http://www.fashionoffice.org/cuisine/2013/steamerrecipe8-2013.htm.

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