Designers from Thailand in Vienna

On occasion of the annual MQ Vienna Fashion Week (11 to 15 September 2013), 'Bangkok Couture' will be presented on 12 September on the runway. Announced is the presentation of fashion by four design labels from Thailand; two of them are on view with portrait photos and images from their current collections here on this page.

fig.: The preview image shows the portrait of The Urban Apparel designer Nukoolkit Aeamla. Original: Model from 'The Urban Apparel' collection and portrait of designer Nukoolkit Aeamla whose designs are described as creations for "...liberal-minded freethinkers, who are unafraid of challenging the norms and going against the generally accepted ideas. They are those who are rebellious and dress purely for self-expression, not social status."

fig. original: Portrait of 'Adhoc' fashion designer Wiyada Teawpongpant (based in Bangkok) and dress from the current collection; The 'Adhoc' collection will be presented at the 'Bangkok Couture' runway show on 12 September 2013 at MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

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