Women's wear referencing the heritage of the European Alps

In mid-May 2013, Fashionoffice received some preview images of 'Tracht'-style in Fall/Winter 2013/14.

The 'Tracht' is the signature women's and men's wear of the geographical region of the European Alps (today countries like Austria, Germany, Italy...) and originates from working clothes of farmers and foresters of the mountains. The word 'Tracht' is derived from the German word 'tragen' which means 'wear'.

The fashion heritage of the European Alps' Tracht can be traced via costume historical tracks back to the 15th/16th century. The female Tracht dress 'Dirndl' reminds the clothing culture of the Renaissance of the late 15th/early 16th century. Especially details like the white blouse under the dress with bodice or lace-up corsage in combination with wide skirt refer back to the historical source of the Tracht. The white blouse is an obvious remnant of the 'Schlitztracht' (means as much as 'hacked cloth'). Around the year 1500, Europeans began to wear 'hacked cloth' elements; this 'fashion'-cycle lasted almost 200 years.

Zoom into the painting by Lucas Cranach from ca. 1530! It shows a woman in a dress in hacked cloth style which unveils the underwear - the white blouse was in former times underwear. The dress consists of a corsage in combination with wide skirt; the sleeves are separate parts and only tied to the bodice. By zooming closer, you will find other details such as small flowers in combination with geometrical patterns. These small patterns are typical for the style of the Renaissance and the European Alps' Tracht.

Fashionoffice collected three items to give an impression of the vintage Tracht style in Fall/Winter 2013/14.

fig. Shoes, bag and legwarmer inspired by the European Alps' Tracht, all pieces from Fall/Winter 2013/14 collections:

original: Laced ankle-boot 'Gamay' in retro-coconut-brown leather with floral, abstract embossing and punching with a heart in the middle; Neosens.
original: Messenger bag made from cowskin in hunting bag style; Fred de la Bretonière.
Black legwarmer made from warm wool with semi-transparent floral tulle insert; Neosens.

Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2013/trachtstyle5-2013.htm.

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