Samsung presented interactive fashion-tech designer Ying Gao in Madrid

On 17 September 2013, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid's technological partner Samsung presented 10 new talents at the 'EGO' show which started at 11.00 with the 'Samsung Ego Innovation Project' defile of the interactive fashion-tech pieces by Montreal-based Ying Gao.

fig. original: Ying Gao's creation 'Incertitudes' can be activated by the viewer's voice and bases on the idea that humans are planning the future against uncertainty.

fig. original: Ying Gao's organza/electronic devices dresses consist of wild drapery (left) and very structured wave elements around the shoulders. The organic almost lively 'Playtime' pieces are described and shown 'in action' on the fashion-tech designer's website.

The photos of Ying Gao's dresses were taken on 17 September 2013 at the 'Samsung Ego Innovation Project' catwalk during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid; (C) Estrop/IFEMA.

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