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5 December 2015

Aubade revealed new collection designed by Christian Lacroix with campaign images by Ali Madhavi

The new Aubade collection by Christian Lacroix will come into stores next year in July (color combination 'Princesse Impériale' in pastel and fuchsia) and in October 2016 ('Gardénia' in black and pink - on view at the image on this page). The collaboration for Aubade's 'Idylle Parisienne' line was presented with campaign images by Ali Mahdavi, Artistic Director of Crazy Horse Paris; WWD reports that the images are the first ever color shots in 23 years of Aubade's black/white 'Lessons in Seduction' ad campaigns.

Christian Lacroix' new interpretation of the 'Idylle Parisienne' line pays homage to the city of Paris, Parisian luxury with inspirations from Baroque, Rococo styles of Versailles and Marie Antoinette to French Haute Couture. One central element are 'bouquets', floral elements on the lace briefs, bras, waist cinchers and nigthies. Christian Lacroix created the new Aubade 'Idylle Parisienne' collection as homage to all muses and ambassadors who embody Paris worldwide.

Photo: Ali Madhavi, Mademoiselle Noi.

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