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10 December 2017

Fashionoffice tip: Into the new year 2018 with fashion and beauty in juicy, fresh air, golden style

Even when the world has become increasingly globalized, the various cultures haven't adjusted on each other - they have rather equalized in the importance. The Chinese zodiac sign 'Dog' for example is communicated through the upcoming bags collaboration by Longchamp with the influential (around 3 million followers) Chinese fashion blogger Tao Liang (aka Mr. Bags) who is known for his work for prominent names of the fashion business. For the 'Year of the Dog' (begins on 16 February 2018) tribute bag, Mr. Bags worked together with Longchamp Artistic Director Sophie Delafontaine and reinterpreted the foldable bag from the Le Pliage Cuir line by adding paw prints in white fur on the brand's classical lamb leather design. The bag will be available in powder blue (tote on view on this page), pastel pink or black from early January 2018 in Asia and Europe. (Photo: Christophe Petiteau.)

'Gold Fresh Couture' by Moschino is the third edition of the series of perfumes filled into a household-cleaning bottle. And yes, for sure - Fashionoffice has tested the eau de parfum composition! Moschino sent one of the golden flacons designed by Moschino art director Jeremy Scott. 'Gold Fresh Couture' is in short words a very classical sandalwood fragrance with floral, fruity notes in a composition which makes the wearer - let's say - feel more body conscious. The composition is very modern even when it references classical 1980ies perfume style. 'Gold Fresh Couture' is a long-lasting eau de parfum and spreads a warm, friendly scent over the day when applied to the arm- or knee-bends. Even when it's spread in small amounts into the hair endings, it's discreet enough and keeps in close space around the wearer without filling the whole room. More about the ingredients inclusively used molecules on

New designs made of old historical items is the motto of the collaboration between Münze Österreich and Dorotheum Juwelier. The golden ear rings (at the image above, left) are from the recently on 25 October 2017 launched 'Wachgeküsst' collection by Münze Österreich and Dorotheum Juwelier. The word 'Wachgeküsst' references a 'Magic Kiss' such as it's known from fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty. The items (on view on this page) show a mint with historical sun motif in new design as ear jewelry. The motif is taken from the Münze Österreich archive of Austrian mint embossings. Photo: © Dorotheum Juwelier.

The sunglasses by Andy Wolf Eyewear (number 4716 B) with sky blue graded shades are from the latest release by the Austrian label. The micro-sunglasses are following the new trend for smaller eyewear and sunglasses which aren't only designed for protecting from sun but as color accent at the face. (Photo: © ANDY WOLF Eyewear.)

Not tested by Fashionoffice - but this beauty announcement sounds interesting. The new improved formula for one of Kiehl's bestsellers, the 'Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate' serum (launched 2005) for diminishing wrinkles is announced as fruity mixture enriched with a larger portion of vitamine C (12,5% concentrate) and hyaluronic acid. The challenge for Kiehl's scientists was to stabilize vitamine C for a serum. Alone for finding the final recipe, 89 variations were tested over 10 months. It will be released in Austria in mid-January 2018.

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