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17 June 2017

Salzburg based jeweler Aenea presents new items of the serpent inspired 'Sarpa' collection for women and men

The 'Jewellery for Lovers' items - a ring and cufflinks - on this page are from the 'Sarpa' collection by Salzburg based Aenea. The serpent is part of the jeweler's logo and appears as leitmotif at the women's and men's Sarpa pieces. Recently, new Sarpa items (rings, earrings,... in new color combinations) were presented with accompanying interview with Aenea founder and creative director Costan Eghiazarian about the reasons why the snake fascinates him. He mentions influences such as the Bible and the history of creation where the snake is the symbol for temptation as well as other cultures which attribute a guardian role to the animal.

At the jewellery, impressions of the elegantly moving, dangerously silent hunting, cleverly seducing as well as protecting serpent are incorporated in a thrilling style.

At the interview, Costan Eghiazarian remembers also the first Sarpa item and how the logo of Aenea was incorporated. It was a simple movement of the hand.
"It was a pair of cufflinks, created at the very start of AENEA's story. I always design my own cufflinks, so I took the snakes of the logo, added a knot et voilą... Cufflinks!" explains Costan Eghiazarian (interview).

fig.: 'Jewellery for Lovers' from the Sarpa collection by Aenea: The ring shows the serpent (rubies) just as sipping the ocean (tourmaline in petrol). At the silver, blue and white rhodium cufflinks, pink sapphires are used for the eagerly watching eyes of the snakes; the bodies are knotted two times.

Photos: (C) Mischa Nawrata.

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