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24 January 2017

How Tally Weijl explores Valentine's Day

On the first sight, Tally Weijl's friendship jewelry statement cards with writings in big letters like "IT'S OVER" (on view on this page) are irritating; the full text inclusively smaller letters is "IT'S crazy how I fall in love with you OVER and over again"; the card comes with two necklaces with horse pendants. Tally Weijl included into the Valentine's Day cards the label's 'Anti'-position of being against something or somebody. The 'Anti'-slogans can be interpreted as propaganda for the right on privacy or the own will. Other messages are 'LEAVE ME ALONE' or 'STAY AWAY' - when read inclusively the small letters, they turn into love messages. The idea behind the concept is nice as it explores love affairs from two angles. Tally Weijl presented the cards with currently available pieces like the military green sweater with skirt and the black slogan clutch with the writing 'More Love Stories' decorated with a pink rose.

Valentine's Day is on 14 February.

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