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12 June 2017

Teva sandals' Hudson's Bay stripes tell the story of 17th century adventurers in Canada, weaving, and global trade

Sandal producer Teva as well as retailer Hudson's Bay Company (Saks Fifth Avenue, Galeria Kaufhof, Galeria INNO,...) are active globally and are strongly connected to 'adventure'. At the limited edition of sandals and flips by 'TEVA x Hudson's Bay', the origins and iconic style of both labels merge to a story about feeling freedom, zest for life and innovations. Teva was founded in the mid-1980s by Mark Thatcher who worked as rafting guide at the Grand Canyon and made thong sandals more practical and sporty with ankle straps. The Hudson's Bay stripes on the other hand transport the history of weaving of blankets which were exchanged against beaver fur in Canada. Hudson's Bay was founded in 1670 in London and started its activities in Canada at the name-giving Hudson Bay. Since 1780, Hudson's Bay sells striped blankets as regular goods under the name Hudson's Bay Point Blankets. The word 'point' denotes the weaving system to mark the size of a blanket. The striped blankets were used already 200 years for coats before they became in the 20th century theme in designer fashion.

fig.: 'TEVA x Hudson's Bay' sandals are available at selected stores and online.

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