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21 April 2017

'Tezenis X Festival' collection presented by 3 influencers on a travel to Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2017

Fashion brand Tezenis collaborated for the presentation of the current 'Tezenis X Festival' collection of tops, underwear with patches, shorts, skirts,... with three influencers. The three women are models, stylists, video reporters, entertainers, publishers on various channels like Instagram, YouTube and attract their followers with a sunny and zest for life spreading content in the structure of personal diaries. They are their own directors and capture personal views of themselves and lifestyle in different parts of the world with (inclusively phone and selfie) cameras such as Mafaldo Castro (image right in the middle) who publishes a video (spoken in her mother tongue Portuguese) from the flight to California and the visit of the Coachella festival. Traveling and fashion are the three women's main themes such as currently on view at the Instagram channels by Sofia Reis, Mafalda Castro and Barbara Ines.

fig.: Tezenis sent some images of the three influencers wearing pieces of the Tezenis X Festival collection. From left: Sofia Reis, Mafaldo Castro, Barbara Ines at Coachella, California. Photo: © Tezenis.

The Facebook post (below) shows further impressions of the three women's Coachella fashion stylings with Tezenis items under the motto 'Hippy Chic'.

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