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28 May 2018

Austrian tailor and ready-to-wear label 'Rettl' celebrates 150-year anniversary with special print in mid-19th century magazine, newspaper style

The Austrian in Carinthia based label 'Rettl' was founded by tailor Josef Rettl 150 years ago in 1868 in Klagenfurt. Today headquartered in Villach, the family owned label offers under the direction of Thomas Rettl (5th generation) additionally to tailor-made men's and women's wear, the globally distributed ready-to-wear label 'Rettl 1868 Kilts & Fashion' with items like on view on this page. Signature for the brand are kilts and checks in the tradition of Scottish tartans - the check left on view is from the Austrian check collection and is contributed to the Austrian federal state 'Carinthia'. 'Kärnten Karo' (translated 'Carinthia Check', on view at the image below left) is one of the labels by Rettl. The registered textile pattern references with its colors the federal state: brown for the earth, green for the forests, blue for the lakes, and yellow, red, white stand for the colors of the Carinthian flag and pay homage to the alp flowers of the most southern region of Austria.

fig. above, from left: The gilet 'Comtesse' by 'Rettl 1868' is made of silk with 'Kärnten Karo' pattern; the red effect edges are made of 'loden' (loden is traditional Austrian felted wool). The gilet is combined with the red silk kilt 'Maria Hipps' and lace headpiece by Niely Hötsch. Photo: (C) / photographer Claudia Magas.

Right: The image shows the 'Rettl 1868' dress 'Franka' made of jersey with anniversary pattern referencing the year of the founding of Rettl in 1868 with a print in the style of a mid-19th century magazine or daily news publication. The photos depict family members; the articles concern milestones of the company. Photo: (C) Paz Stammler.

Both images appeared already at issues of the brand's own magazine 'Rettl & Friends' where additionally to fashion, gastro tips or - such as at the latest edition, announcements like the special anniversary event with fashion show in early June or the brand's 'Alps Kilt Hike' on 23 June are spread.

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