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20 March 2018

Fashionoffice Spring 2018 tip: COLORS!

Astronomical spring starts today! In Austria, it begins with temperatures below 0° Celsius. The country's weather forecaster (monitors also climate, earthquakes, atmospheric pollutants) ZAMG reports from its collection of statistics from former years that the latest similar cold spring was observed in 1958.

Even when the weather plays cool, the people are in warm spring mood! In Viennese fashion stores, spring 2018 style isn't limited to fruit-cocktail colors like on view at the image below showing a lemon-yellow handbag, a raspberry-pink cap and strawberry-red sandals standing on a foamed-like-neopren fabric colored in cherry. The range of this year's trendy fashion colors is wide and manifold: classical neutral colors in light blue and sand to romantic powdery nude tones, delicate rose and leaf green; fashion has definitely said goodbye to confining 'trend-dictates'. The various facets of one individual person appear represented in this fashion kaleidoscope which delivers in a democratical, anti-authoritarian way clothing, shoes and accessories to people who follow their own taste - and they change it whenever they like or whenever a new inspiration matches the own wardrobe. Flower prints and embroideries meet stripes and uni-colord fabrics; appealing are prints showing illustrations of flora and fauna in combination with maritime stripes, etc...

fig.: The bag, cap, shoes were found at H&M for in sum below 50.- Euros. It's a nice price for colorizing basic everyday outfits like the elegant-sporty blue jeans & fresh-white t-shirt & dark sea-blue blazer combination.

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