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10 February 2018

Fashionoffice tip Spring18: Fashion, jewelry, beauty

Short skirt, long skirt, slim cut or wide; the range of fashionable styles is diverse in Spring 2018 such as seen at Peek & Cloppenburg. The image (below, left) shows a short skirt in military green/grey with draperies by Joseph Janard (available via

Necklace 'Green' from the 'Hanging Gardens'-series by Vienna-based Güzin Deveci-Gröhs' label 'Un_Wearable by Güzin'. The designer is currently presented as one of the 'Talents' by consumer goods trade fair 'Ambiente' (9 - 13 February) in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). The series of necklaces is inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and may evoke the impression of practical elements of gardening like a water tube, pearls appear like sparkling water drops which nurture prosperous seeds planted into a sort of protected area similar to the architecture of an orangery. Photo: (C) Michael Markl Mayerling Austria.

With pearls embellished sunglasses 0295/S by Fendi. Photo: Fendi /

Leather bag in military green with biker-pilgrimage badges by Replay. Photo: Replay /

Beauty DIY product: Clinique announces the launch of two new Blackhead products for this month; one of them is the 'Self-Heating Blackhead Extractor' (20ml) from the Blackhead Solutions series. The DIY treatment is developed from the idea to open the pores and cleanse them with a mixture of ingredients which heat and exfoliate.

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