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18 March 2018

The 'We Are Flowergirls X Quipster' flower crowns are inspired by Salzburg and Vienna. Guess, which of the cities is represented with strikingly red big flowers?

The ones who know Austria will find it out easily! The Austrian labels We Are Flowergirls and Quipster (known especially for t-shirts) teamed up for two flower crowns available since mid-March at Quipster stores and online on and

fig.: 'Little' and 'Big' flower crowns of the special Austrian Designer Edition 'We Are Flowergirls X Quipster'; the limited edition was presented in mid-March 2018. At the image, the flower crowns are combined with Quipster t-shirts in white and black with 'Hula'-illustration by Andreas Körner. Photo: © We Are Flowergirls.

The flower crowns are designed by Vienna-based We Are Flowergirls to fit the 'Hula' t-shirts by Salzburg-based label Quipster as well as to the traditional Austrian 'dirndl'-dresses. The two cities are described at the press release as inspirational source of the designs: Salzburg is attributed with gentle, small and green (at the image above, flower crown left); Vienna is represented with strikingly red big flowers.

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