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21 May 2018

Insights into the wedding collection by Vienna-based headpiece designer Niely Hoetsch and Brazilian bride wear label Solaine Piccoli

After the last days were filled with a lot of impressions provided through media articles, social media posts and TV-broadcasts about the glamorous and very elegant royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, it seems as if the topic 'wedding' is literally 'topped'. But getting married shouldn't be compared with a competition. Each couple is unique. The uniqueness is also manifested by the clothing the partners wear.

Vienna-based headpiece designer Niely Hoetsch (roots in Brazil) and Brazilian bride wear label Solaine Piccoli presented recently a variety of wedding outfits - from almost puristic dresses over classical lace gowns to embroidered fairy-like items. For the designers, wedding time isn't limited to a few months - just as if they are holding it with Shakespeare "Love's not Time's fool" (Sonnet 116). The collection is dedicated to the upcoming autumn wedding season and the royal character which is immanent to every marriage.

fig.: Lace gown with long sleeves by Solaine Piccoli with headpiece by Niely Hoetsch from the recently presented Autumn 2018 collection. Photo: (C) Maria Tsakiri.

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