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22 March 2018

Unbreakable glasses presented by Gloryfy for upcoming sports events like Wings For Life World Run 2018

Austrian in Tyrol based label Gloryfy is known for eyewear made of unbreakable glasses. For the upcoming running events

Gloryfy presents a selection of unbreakable glass models (inclusively one special Wings For Life World Run-edition) used by athletes (Gloryfy Heroes) for various sports activities like running or cycling such as by the Tirol Cycling Team who announce to start this year at races such as at the

As highlight of the year, Tirol Cycling Team mentions at its website the

fig. above: The image shows Tirol Cycling Team member Johannes Schinnagel wearing unbreakable glasses by Gloryfy. Photo: © Elisa Haumesser.

fig. below, first image: One of the shade models of a wide range of designs recommended by Gloryfy for running or cycling activities is the G9 series. The G9 XTR is designed in collaboration and named after roadbiker Jan Ulrich; Gloryfy Sport G9 XTR Jan Ulrich. Next picture: Especially for the upcoming Wings For Life World Run, Gloryfy presents a special edition of shades of the G9-series, the Gloryfy Sport G9 Radical Helioz Wings for Life World Run. Photos: © gloryfy unbreakable.

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