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10 June 2018

Insights into the Weismann Fine Jewellery Designs presentation at Tesla store in Vienna

Recently, Austrian brand 'Weismann Fine Jewellery Designs' presented the first collection of diamond jewelry at the Tesla store in Vienna. The company Weismann was founded over 40 years ago in 1976 by the married couple Weismann (co-founder Mrs. Weismann on the image right) as jewelry wholesaler. Now in the second generation, son Fritz Weismann has started under his art direction additionally the brand 'Weismann Fine Jewellery Designs'. The elegant range consists of classical diamond items - from rings, necklaces, pendants over bracelets to earrings, for affordable prices. In May 2018, the brand's showroom and shop opened at Sieveringer Strasse 67 at the 19th district of Vienna. The presentation with models in long gowns (picture right) at the Tesla store at Wallnerstrasse in the Inner City of Vienna was the debut in front of representatives of the Viennese fashion business and media such as model agency owner Roberta Manganelli (Stella Models) and Kurt Löffelmann, publisher of the printed ballroom magazine 'Ball Total'.

At the entry of the invitation-only event, guests were welcomed with the new sparkling fruit drinks (apple and apple/pomegranate) by 'Appletiser' - the brand was founded already 1966 in South Africa and is distributed now via Coca-Cola worldwide.

Photos captured on 7 June 2018 at the Tesla store at Wallnerstrasse 3, 1st district of Vienna.

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