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12 January 2019

Salzburg-based jeweler Aenea presents Valentine's Day piece dedicated to the paths to the heart

This year's Valentine's Day collection by Austrian jeweler Aenea consists of pieces that make think of 1980s street art and graffiti tagging. The 'Love Letter' line of bangle (picture below), rings and earrings has the appeal of handwritten, tag-like letters forming the word 'love'. Another piece centers around the topic 'Labyrinth' and is contributed to the paths to unlock the heart. It's a playful visualization of finding love. Aenea questions in context with the heart "Is finding the right path a game? Or fate?" (source). Different paths can be taken through the heart's black diamond labyrinth to the lock. Some gamers will choose at first complicated bypasses with the result to realize to follow a dead-end street, others take long routes and reach the desired aim, while some will see the shortest path at the first sight.

fig.: 'Labyrinth' pendant heart (black diamonds handcrafted in white gold) and 'Love Letters' bangle (white diamonds handcrafted in white gold and rhodium-plated sterling silver) by Aenea from the Valentine's Day collection. Photos: © Aenea.

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