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16 February 2019

Sportswear from recycled fishnets by Vienna-based label 'Margaret and Hermione' set in scene by Vienna Roller Derby Team, photographed by Irina Gavrich

For the latest Margaret and Hermione 'Sport 2019' campaign, designer Barbara Gölles (studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under Raf Simons, Veronique Branquinho, worked later in London for Alexander McQueen) collaborated with the Vienna Roller Derby Team and photographer Irina Gavrich. At the images, the items - made of materials from recycled used fishnets, are presented in a dynamic style which spreads the lust to move freely. Sport is for Margaret and Hermione not so much a mean to get the so-called 'bikini figure'. It should be rather a fun activity.

fig.: For the Margaret and Hermione 'Sport 2019' campaign, 7 members of the Vienna Roller Derby Team present the collection consisting of leggings, bike shorts and tops in 7 different colors and patterns (violett, dark red, dark green, night, brush black, brush yellow, brush green). The leggings and bike shorts are designed to be worn for sports activities like yoga, running as well as at home, on travels or in combination with everyday clothing. The top can be used as comfortable bra as well. Photo: © Irina Gavrich.

Margaret and Hermione is available online and in stores in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In Vienna, 'Sport 2019' is currently also presented at the 'Sport Pop-up' at Westbahnstrasse 25, 7th district (FB event).

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