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29 March 2019

Swim style 2019 inspired by art, recycling and nature looked through the range of new products already or soon available in Austria (and in the most cases around the world).

Let's start with the latest product by Biotherm, the 'Waterlover Sun Mist' SPF 30. The Waterlover sun protection solution was developed over seven years and ran through around 200 experiments to test the impact on biodiversity, especially the impact on water, as well as the protective and care effects on human skin. The first product of the Waterlover series was launched in 2017, a sun milk. This year, the brand presents the sun mist spray which is packed eco-friendly into recyclable 100% recycled plastic material. Available from early April. Photo: © Biotherm.

Recycling and water is the core theme at Vienna-based brand Margaret and Hermione. The materials of the sports and swim wear are made of recycled old fishnets. For the swimsuit's pattern, designer Barbara Gölles (finished her fashion studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna) was inspired by the work and life of three artists, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, and Fabienne Verdier. Three prints were derived from new looks on beauty and freedom - both free from any standards. The paintings turn the pieces into art suits; available in the version Brush Black, Brush Green and such as on view at the image in Brush Yellow. Already available. Photo: © Margaret and Hermione.

The Austrian mineral water brand 'Vöslauer' derives its name from where it's sourced, Bad Vöslau in Lower Austria (nearby Vienna) where one of the country's most attractive public thermal baths is located, Thermalbad Vöslau. Since many years, the mineral water brand collaborates with designers. One of the products at the is the Clip & Go accessory for carrying the water bottle. Clip & Go is designed by Florian Puschmann and produced mainly from recycled PET. On view at the image is the version in the water inspired trend color coral. Vöslauer works also for the water bottles with rePet material (new bottles from recycled bottles). Photo: ©

The bracelet made of metal and recycled plastic is from the upcoming H&M Conscious Exclusive 2019 collection. Available from 11 April; published recently an article about the collection and the debut of brand new eco-friendly materials.

Recycling, PET are also theme at the new 'Tarp on PET' collection by Swiss brand Freitag. The collection consists of bags such as the 'F640 Rollin' produced from recycled truck tarps and 100% recycled PET bottles. The bag can be worn as shoulder bag or enrolled as tote bag. Available since 14 March. Photo: © Oliver Nanzig.

From nature, culture and the traditions of Brazil inspired is the new series 'Retratos by Tarsila do Amaral' of flip flops by Havaianas. From early April, the Museu De Arte De Sao Paulo (MASP) will contribute an exhibition to the country's art pioneer. Works by painter Tarsila do Amaral (lived from 1886 to 1973) are applied to three Retratros models. Available since March. Photo: © Ari Custodio.

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