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3 April 2020

(At the end of the 3rd week of self-isolation in Austria): Style tip for an off-road walk with a toddler

At the end of the 3rd week, the restrictive measures to flatten the curve of the coronavirus outbreak show the first positive effects in Austria. Probably the hardest test for the people's endurance and patience starts with the next, the fourth week. Then, the awareness that the quasi-lockdown will last in the one or other form over spring, summer will have be raised finally in all groups of the population. But new business models for interacting with customers with reduced contact are evolving constantly. Today for example, the information about a new regulation in the field gastronomy was spread widely by media. Now it's allowed to pick-up pre-ordered meals at restaurants. In several speeches, members of the government have already honored the people's behaviour and the practised social distancing (1 to 2 meters) which led to the first, slight success in the pandemic. But the motto is still #stayHome and people mainly leave their house only for going to the grocery or for a walk. The Austrians don't meet friends or family members. In the meanwhile we know that according to the statistics especially the older ones are at higher risk, but that no age group is excepted to die from Covid-19.

Life goes on and as long as the social distance is kept, a walk in nature is also in coronavirus times recommended for recreation. collected some pieces for a short off-road walk not far from home with a toddler:

The stroller 'Gams' by German in Bavaria based company Hike Kid is designed for hiking in the mountains or for walks that go off-road. Photo: © David Koplin

The yellow 'Hyeto Bucket' rain hat with 50+ sun protection is from the range of waterproof headwear by Tilley. The company 'Tilley Endurables, Inc.' was founded by Canadian globetrotter and sailor Alexander Tilley in 1980.

The cloverleaf earrings are from the current vintage collection of the European in Vienna headquartered auction house Dorotheum. Additionally to the auctions, the jewelry department runs an own online shop at where new and vintage items are available. Photo: © Dorotheum Juwelier.

The hoodie and the jeans are from the latest Levi's® Wellthread™ Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The word 'Wellthread' references the sustainable production of the items; the materials can be recycled and the threads are made of cottonized hemp. It's the first time that Levi's presents women's pieces at the Wellthread range; available since mid-March on Photos: (C) All Rights Reserved © SF Digital Studio, Inc.

The name 'Furoshiki' of the green shoes by Italian label Vibram pays homage to the Japanese tradition of using a cloth to wrap items for transport or for packing a gift.

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